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Zeit für ein Weihnachts-Gedicht #2

C’mon Pigs of Western Civilization!

Eat Eat more marbled Sirloin more Pork‘n
Lard up the dressing, fry chicken in
boilig oil
Carry it dribbling to gray climes, snowed with
Little lambs covered with mint roast in racks
surrounded by roast potatoes wet with
Buttered veal medallions in creamy saliva,
buttered beef, by glistening mountains
of french fries
Stroganoffs in white hot sour cream, chops
soaked in olive oil
surrounded by olives, salty feta cheese, followed
by Roquefort & Bleu & Stilton
for wine, beer Cocacola Fanta Champagne
Pepsi retsina arak whiskey vodka
Agh! Watch out hear attack, pop more
angina pills
order a plate of Bratwurst, fried frankfurters,
couple billion Wimpys‘ McDonald‘s burgers
to the moon & burp!
Salt on those fries! Hot dogs! Milkshakes!
Forget greenbeans, everyday a few carrots,
a mini big spoonful of salty rice‘ll
do, make the plate pretty;
throw in some vinegar pickles, briny sauerkraut
check yr. cholesterol, swallow a pill
and order a sugar Cream donut, pack 2 under
the size 44 belt
Pass out in the vomitorium come back cough
up strands of sandwich sill chewing
pastrami at Katz‘s delicatessen
Back to central Europe & gobble Kielbasa
in Lódz
swallow salami in Munich with beer, Liverwurst
on pumpernickel in Berlin, greasy cheese in
a 3 star Hotel near Syntagma, on white
bread thick-buttered
Set an example for developing nations, salt,
sugar, animal fat, coffee tobacco Schnapps
Drop dead faster! Make room for
Chinese guestworkers with alien soybean
curds green cabbage & rice!
Africans Latins with rice beans & calabash can
stay thin & crowd in apartments for working
class foodfreaks—

Not like Western cuisine rich in protein
cancer heart attack hypertension sweat
bloated liver & spleen megaly
Diabetes & stroke-monuments to carnivorous
presently murdering Belfast
Bosnia Cypress Ngorno Karabach Georgia
mailing love letter bombs in
Vienna or setting houses afire
in East Germany— have another coffee,
here‘s a cigar.
And this is a plate of black forest chocolate cake,
you deserve it.

© Allen Ginsberg

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  1. wps sagt:

    hallo honeymoon, danke für den hinweis.
    bei dieser besprechung hab ich aLLen ginsberg gleich richtig geschrieben.

  2. honeymoon sagt:

    hey, du solltest wenigstens den namen des autors richtig schreiben. soviel zeit sollte sein. 😉

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